The Corona Period Puts Us In Uncertainty On Various Issues And We All Experience Turmoil In Our Lives. My Gallery In Jaffa, Like Many Galleries, Museums And Cultural Places, Is Undergoing Upheaval And Uncertainty, To My Surprise I Must Share With You The Happiness That Visitors, Passers-By Have When Entering The Gallery (Even If It Is A Hasty Visit With Heat Measurement And Heaving To Wear A Mask).

Breathing Becomes Calmer, The Smile Peeks Through The Eyes, Something Good Calls To People When They Experience Culture, Touch Art, Color Has Power And Influence On Our Mood, Our Health! Our Soul.

I Was Blessed With A Gallery With The Most Beautiful View In The World! For All Who Miss Greece Come And Feel Our Greece!

Quietly With All The Commotion Around Us, In Recent Days, The Ottoman-British Customs House In Jaffa Has Been Demolished After Years Of Struggle… Overnight The Scenery Changed, The Boardwalk Widened And I’m Sure We Will All Enjoy It!

When You Move From The Center Of Tel Aviv To Jaffa, You Already Feel Abroad, Jaffa Is Often Likened To A Woman With Gravity, Whom One Tries To Conquer And Sometimes Even Succeeds, Old Jaffa Ranges From Prosperity, To Poverty And Destitution, Experiencing Battles, Disasters And Regenerating From A Wilderness To Flourishing Ancient Jaffa To The Greek, Roman, Hellenistic, Hasmonean, The Arab Jaffa, The Ottoman State Crusader, And To This Day, For Recent Generations, Jaffa Has Been A Mixed And Pluralistic City. If Its Name Comes From The Word Beauty, From The Name Of Cassiopeia Or From The Son Of Noah, Jaffa Was An Important And Strategic Hill Full Of Groundwater Treasures And Was An Important Gate And A Central Port. And Of Course The Road To The Heart Of The Land, To The Holy City, Jerusalem.

According To An Ancient Legend, Japheth The Son Of Noah Built The City Of Jaffa Together With His Brother Even Before The Flood And The City Was Named After Him, When The Belief Is That Noah’s Tomb Is Under The Rock Known As Andromeda Rock In The Sea At The Foot Of Jaffa.
And According To Prof. Nahum Slushtz: “A Legend … According To Which The City Of Jaffa Was Built By The Three Sons Of Noah Who Lived In It. And On One Of The Rocks That Is One Horseshoe Away In The Sea, Their Father Is Buried Under A Rock To Which The Giant Andromeda Of The Greek Myth Rested … “[3]

The Conquest Of The Port Of Jaffa And The City Was Necessary To Establish The Maritime Connection With Egypt. Performed Diversionary Operations In The North And Occupied The South And Occupied Jaffa Starting With Brutal Violence And Atrocities.

The Beautiful Gallery Is Centrally Located Today At The Entrance To The Port, On The Northwest Side Of The Old City. The Question I Hear A Lot From Customers And Visitors To The Gallery Is “So What Has Been In This Amazing Place In The Past?”

In The Time Of Napoleon

The Spread Of The Plague Disease That Afflicted Hundreds Of His Soldiers Increased Even More After The Occupation, The Soldiers Were Concentrated In The Armenian Monastery St. Nicholas In Fact The Gallery Is Part Of The Armenian Monastery!
There The Soldiers Stayed In A Kind Of Provisional Hospital.
A Month Later After The Napoleon Was Defeated In Acre By Al Jazer, He Returned To Jaffa To Cheer Up The Spirit Of His Sick Soldiers With A Very Difficult Dilemma For The Future Of The Patients, If He Takes Them On A Journey They Will Infect All Other Soldiers Which Will Be A Serious Problem To His Army;
If They Stayed In Jaffa They Would Die In Battles Instead So He Made A Decision And Ordered Them To Be Poisoned With A Death Kiss.
From This Remedy Of Tragedy, A New Chapter Began, The Unprecedented Development In The Scope Of Jaffa, The Fortifications And The Economic Growth Of The Open Port City.

The Gallery Is One Of The Businesses Facing The Sea, The Same Christian Institutions From The 16th And 17th Centuries That Used To House Pilgrims On The Way To Jerusalem.

Catholics, Armenians And Orthodox. – The Beautiful Construction In Limestone, The Hatzkar (Stone Cross) From The Armenian Tuff And The Large Ancient Gate To The Sea-Al-Bahra Mosque As If Wraps The Road In A Sacred And Mystical Atmosphere. The Prayers Heard Before The Voyage Or As A Sign Of Thanksgiving, The Blue And The Sea As A Symbol Of Luck And Against An Evil Eye, And The Conquest Of The Heart.
For Hundreds Of Years And More From The Ottoman Empire The Color Blue And Azure Symbolizes Besides Faith And The Name Of The Creator, The Color Of The Field Demons And The Evil Eye. Post I Previously Wrote About The Color Azure.

The Corona Period Unfortunately Will Stay With Us For Quite Some Time So Let’s Take A Deep Breath, A Cup Of Herbal Tea In Front Of The Sea And Come Visit Me At The Gallery! And If You Really Want To Feel Like A Tourist, Arrange A Visit With Lilach, She Will Take Care Of Guiding You ! Happy August !

Iris Eshet Cohen Gallery 3 Ratzif HaAliya Hashniya St. Tlv-Jaffa

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