In this post for the new year, I am happy to share with you the questions I encounter on a daily basis, in my gallery facing the sea in the port of Jaffa.

This post is for visitors who love art, art collectors, art lovers, art students, passers-by and anyone who has visited me and will visit me in the gallery

Matching paintings to space

Questions and answers from gallery guests
Yes on all my paintings is written PLEASE DO TOUCH.
I definitely believe that in order to feel and understand art one has to touch, feel the works, the colors, the texture and thus also better understand what I meant when I created the works.
That’s why I encourage every visitor to the gallery to exercise their sense of touch as well and touch!
In the 70s, 80s there was a trend to hang many paintings by different painters on one wall, especially in the great immigration of the Russians who were privileged to have amazing artists, today the fashion is more to hang one painting on a wall, to give it the respect it deserves.
There is something clean and elegant with one painting on the wall, just very important to fit the right size!
It is very important that a professional eye will fit you in size and I would be happy to do that, today it is possible to send a photo of the space and receive in the simulation the painting you liked in your space.

It is important to pay attention not to choose a painting that is too small for a large space as this will do the opposite and the space will look smaller, a painting that is too large can overload the space immediately, you definitely need professional advice.
Each color has a different meaning and each color gives power to a different color, it’s like spices that each spice gives its taste and all together create a special taste, contrasting colors give each other power for example orange and blue, orange bounces the blue and vice versa .. My painting style contains all colors of the rainbow.

The colorfulness adds a lot of joy to the space. Each of us is affected, falls in love with a different color.
I use different types of paints, I match the colors to the work surface I work on whether it is ceramics, aluminum, canvas, bronze and more ,, of course I also mix different materials from the art world, with the right mixing of different materials I manage to achieve a noticeable material that feels It’s in touch.
I plan in advance mainly in imagination or sketch The planning is often done with the client, what colors does he like? What style? More colorful? calmer ? It is also very important in planning to know for which space the painting is intended? What does the space look like? What colors dominate it, and more ..
I like to make a sketch but in the work process a lot of things change .. Art influenced by the dynamics of life.

I am glad to share with you my new works on display at the Jaffa Port Gallery and Blue Gallery in Florida.

As New Year is approaching, you can enjoy some great discounts
Wishing you all good health,
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In the next post we will continue the questions about hanging and framing. It’s worth the wait.

Happy New Year!


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