New year in the new world – Welcome 2021

New year in the new world – Welcome 2021

2020 is a matter of perspective.

You could say that the most complex year that most of us have ever experienced,
forced us to recalculate our route and our way of thinking.
Or you could say that as a result of this challenging year we were privileged to get to
recalculate our route and our way of thinking.

As an artist who is constantly looking to promote optimism and dynamism through my work,
I consciously choose to concentrate on the gifts we have received.

The quarantines made it possible for us to have
more time with our families and more time to create.
During the quarantines, we were able to breathe for a moment
and ask ourselves questions we never get to ask.

For me, this confusing period we went through opened up
creative paths of thinking that I haven’t experienced before
and learned new concepts in the art world born this year.
You can hear about them in a lecture I gave online (In Hebrew)
during the second quarantine.



I met Israeli art collectors who visited the gallery and found it suitable to add more color to their living space.
I took part in designing the walls of office spaces, which during this period also found time to think about the colors in their work space!

I was commissioned to produce a wall-sized canvas for a new pub in Tel Aviv
and for the first time I experimented with white paint on black based canvases.

My “White on White” series has started to
generate interest among new audiences


But anyone who knows me knows that bright bold colors 
are at the core of my creative life.
I had the time to rediscover how much life
can be found in the colors that I love so much
through new creations.

This year has helped me understand the importance
of an online presence that enables access and dialogue
with art lovers from around the world.

The launch of the Iris Eshet Cohen online store
opened new doors and created fruitful relationships
with people who otherwise might not have been exposed to my art.

The peace agreement with the Emirates has led to working relations and new initiatives with the art world in Dubai that are currently in the making, bringing with them a new horizon that has only just opened before us.

Up the Jaffa boardwalk, the Clock Square twinkles with a huge Christmas tree in the center.
Every year the Christmas lights flickers along the Hanukkah candles in the windows, uniting through the scents of the rain that clears the air, to remind us to concentrate on what really matters. For me it is family, creation and my clients that remind me to clear my head of all the distractions and focus on the new possibilities that emerge out of the dark.

2020 has come to an gone. 2021 is upon us, and with the promise of vaccinations.
the world begins to signal to us that it is time to summarize and learn from what we have gone through, to open a fresh page in the new year in the new world.
Very soon everything will feel like it used to, but a little different
and I’m excited to find out how humanity and art are going to take shape
now that the horizon has redefined itself.

I wish us all a year of harmony and inspiration, of making good livelihood
and of peace within ourselves and towards others.
I have a feeling that 2021 will surprise us with new colors and I am already in the process of welcoming it.


Writers: Iris Eshet Cohen, Talia Hassid.
Photos: Yigal, Noam Ram, Iris Eshet Cohen.


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