Privacy Policy

1. Privacy

Iris Eshet Cohen (“Iris”) respects the privacy of the Users on her website named (the “Website”) and is committed to protecting personal information provided as part of using the Website (“Personal Information”), as set forth hereinafter in the Website Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website’s Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”). By using the Website and its Services, the User consents to any use which may be made with the information collected (including personal and payment information) as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Iris may change the provisions of the Privacy Policy from time to time. In the event that changes to this Privacy Policy are made, notice will be given of such changes by posting the updated Privacy Policy on the Website. Therefore, reviewing the Privacy Policy frequently, is advisable.

2. Who am I – Iris Eshet Cohen

Iris Eshet Cohen is an artist, and the owner of the Website that integrates the possibility of purchasing Iris’s artwork (the “Products”), through the Website, subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

3. Collecting Information

In order to join the Website and open an account and/or buy Products and/or use the Website or the information contained therein, in any way, the User is required to provide a list of details. Providing the information depends on the User’s wishes and consent, and is not mandatory. However, without providing the information details indicated as being mandatory, the User will not be able to join the Website as a customer and/or purchase Products.

Use of the information will be for the User’s use of the Website, and for the purpose of purchasing Products through the Website only, and not for other purposes, nor will it be transferred to any third party.

4. Personal Information

In order to purchase Products on the Website, the User will be asked to fill in personal details including payment methods.

The User is responsible that the personal information, as well as any other information being provided, is correct and accurate. It is clarified, that the provision of false information constitutes a criminal offense, and any person doing so can expect to be subject to the penalties prescribed by law in this regard.

Iris may use the information provided by the User for registration and/or as part of its activities on the Website, as follows:

  1. In order to allow the User to perform actions on the Website, including the purchase of Products;
  2. For Website maintenance, and monitoring User activity;
  3. In accordance with the provisions of any applicable law or agreement with the User, including other provisions of the Terms of Use, including at the demand of any competent authority, or pursuant to a court order;
  4. To enforce the Terms of Use of the Website vis-à-vis the User;
  5. To contact the User and send marketing mail and updates, which is conditional on User consent.
  6. For the purpose of conducting statistical analyses, and transmitting processed, statistical, or other information to third parties, provided that such information does not identify the User;

5. Cookies

“Cookies” files are files on your computer’s hard disk that facilitate the collection of information about a User’s Internet preferences and use habits, such as favourite websites, interests, etc. “Cookies” may be used to enable customisation of the Website, its content, and the Services offered on it, to meet User preferences, and to enhance the browsing experience on the Website.

If the User does not want information to be collected by means of the use of “Cookies” files, the User can change the settings in the browser being used, delete existing “Cookies” files, prevent the creation of “Cookies” files, or create an option whereby each “Cookie” discovered will enable an option to agree or refuse the creation of such file. Choosing not to accept “Cookies” and/or opting-out of “Cookies”, will reduce the ability to enjoy all the interactive features on the Website.

6. Information Security

The Website takes appropriate security measures to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of the information collected on the Website.

Browsing the Internet exposes one to risks, such as: Identity theft methods (PHISHING), exposure of unencrypted information, computer virus infections, and computer communications eavesdropping.

Saving means of identification on the Website, including a username and password in a file or note, may expose them to a party that could use them to identify as the Website User.

Using a computer with no active and up-to-date antivirus software or an updated operating system exposes one to the threat of viruses and/or spyware, that may record or disrupt the operations of the computer. The responsibility to ensure that viruses do not infect the computer, lies solely with the User, by installing antivirus tools and updating them regularly.

7. Links to Other Sites

You may find links to various online websites (the “Links”), which are not operated by the Website owner (the “Various Sites”) and which have different privacy policies. The Website and its owner are not responsible and/or liable for the privacy policies or systems and procedures for the security and protection of information employed by the Various Sites.

8. Waiver

The Website and its owner are not responsible and/or liable for any events outside their direct control. There is no possibility of guaranteeing that there will be no errors in the execution of securing the privacy of personal information. In addition, the Website and its owners are not responsible and/or liable for any event or damage, direct or indirect, in connection with the use and/or disclosure of personal information which includes, inter alia, exposure of personal information due to errors, unauthorised access by third parties, and any other party outside their direct control.

9. Contact

For any questions regarding the Terms of Use or Services on this Website or this Privacy Policy you may contact us on the Website.

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