The Salons for displaying art

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

Where is art displayed??

The salons for displaying art

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

Dear customers!

I genuinely missed you!

We are facing a challenging time all over the world. I truly hope you all keeping your health and well-being!

After three government imposed covid closures, the gallery reopened with great excitement.

During the last year I have had a lot of time to create in the studio. Now I am all-passionate to finally present my art works.

Off course I keep updating the gallery’s website and uploading new paintings to the online store.

I am positive this feeling is shared by many artists who would also like to finally present their works.

This reminds me the history of art and the first spaces in which art was exhibited to all.

Even before the galleries, art dealers used to mediate between the artists and the art collectors.

The most famous place to display the works were the famous salons! The ”Salons” were the event of the year, following months of preparations and excitement.

The salons were held in Paris, under the auspices of the royal family who wanted to share with the people the works in the palace and thus improve the feelings of their population.

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

In 1673 the first Salon “Exhibition of Living Artists” was held at the Cara Salon in the Louvre, a few years later the exhibitions moved to the palace on the Champs Elysees but its name always remained “The Salon”.

The Salon was in fact the most honorable opportunity to display the works of art of the painters who over the years became the great masters in the art world.

Thousands of artists were refused to participate in the salon, including “Gustave Courbet”, the famous “Monet” and many others .. who were not accepted to the first salon. How odd is to think that even the great Monet’s famous work “Olympia” was rejected! It’s hard to believe!

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen
Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

The idea of The ”Salons” was definitely an act of royalty trying to get closer to the people, at first the exhibition was free of charge. Once the royal family saw the demand, they began asking for one franc admission’s fee to enter, and indeed saw that in six weeks of exhibiting more than a million people visited The ”Salon”!.

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen
Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

The ”Salon” was one of the first cultural places opened to the general public. The excitement was great; women who at the time spent most of the day caring for the household suddenly had the opportunity to sew special dresses and go out to see some culture, meet around and as many stories say “they were like jewelry to look at”.

The salon was held once every two years to let the artists invest in their work.

In addition to the royal-backed living room there were many artists like Monet, Cezanne, who did not get permission to display their work at the Salon.

At the initiative of Napoleon III who was an art collector and understood the hearts of the artists, he opened The ”Salon” of the “rejects” a few weeks after the “regular” Salon. This made a big noise in the art world and in the great Salon institution.

In the archives you can find a variety of cartoon paintings, photographs documenting the salons.
We see that the display of the paintings was especially incited until the visitors needed binoculars to enjoy the work up close.
The choice of paintings were without distinction between different styles which gave a feeling of great mess.

Salon Blog - Iris Eshet Cohen

The salons continue to give a stage to artists to this day with slightly different names like fairs, exhibitions that after the Corona period are slowly reopening all over the world,

I am glad to share with you my new works on display at the Jaffa Port Gallery and Blue Gallery in Florida.

As Passover is approaching, you can enjoy some great discounts
Wishing you all good health,
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Happy Passover

Hope to see you soon in Israel and in the gallery by the sea


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