Things I learned from mother Dalia the artist

Customers, dear art lovers.
My art blog has been around since 2013
I have written many articles on various topics related to art.

About interesting places in Israel and around the world, well-known artists with fascinating stories and new artists,
Everything is surrounded by color and joy!
I want to remind you of one unique post I wrote about Dalia my amazing artist mom!
My Mother Dalia unfortunately passed away last year from the damn disease, to my delight she did not suffer much and went with a smile and joy till her last breath.!
This is the reason why I had a hard time getting back to writing
And it took me several months to resume creating
Mom worked with me in the studio so I had to go through the mourning phase also in our shared creative process.
I would like this post to be as happy and full of optimism, the way this special woman shared optimism with us all her life!

As an artist born in an artist home, I’d like to share Sentences I learned from mother Dalia with you

In recent years when her hands were shaking she could no longer work with brushes and switched to other techniques.
For me the most significant art studies in my life were working with my mother- I’m fortunate !

For Passover, it is important for me to wish you all a bright holiday!

A holiday in which we will all be fortunate to sit together with family and beloved friends! And feel that we are fortunate. A holiday full of health and happiness.

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