Art does wonders for each and every one of us. Moreover, it is essential for the soul and spirit of the artist and the spectator”


About Iris Eshet Cohen

"This is the power of merging between creation, love and the ability to express it into art every morning"

Coming from an artistic family; her father Mula Eshet the reknowned fashion photographer and Dalia Eshet the painter; Iris Eshet Cohen began her artistic career in Paris in 1985.

In the legendary city of lights, she lived as a student and studied the art of professional makeup, special effects, body makeup, makeup for cinema, theater and etc.

Eshet Cohen worked as a professional makeup artist and as the head makeup artist at Shiseido Japan, trained in Tokyo, Milan and New York and managed a professional make up school.

In 1998, Eshet Cohen opened her studio and translated her creativity into work with clay and painting on canvas, while continuing her studies in art and curatorship.

Eshet Cohen is a working artist, specializing in large-scale painting and clay arts while using stove and various techniques characterized by dynamic movement expressing optimism in life.

Every piece coming out of the stove and a paint brush imitates her experience as an artist and is characterized by a new and exciting experience of birth.

Recently, the Iris Eshet Cohen Art Gallery opened on the strip of the “3 Ratzif haAliya Hashniya St. Tlv-Jaffa” located at the northern entrance of Jaffa Port.

The gallery is located in the historic Armenian Church building, a remnant of the Crusades period, which is presence within the arches and stones of the various periods in the gallery.

The location of the gallery at the entrance of the port enables the combination of Eshet Cohen’s colorful works, the historical background of the place and the sea, which is Eshet Cohen major inspiration.

Since the opening of the gallery, tourists and locals are visiting it, following the color and texture of Eshet Cohen’s artworks, while merging with the beautiful sunsets from the pier.

The gallery is accessible.

Eshet Cohen, born in Tel Aviv, is defined as a multi-disciplinary Israeli artist & curator and her works are exhibited and sold in Israel and abroad, and are represented by the “Florida USA – Blue Gallery“.


2019 – Blue Gallery at Art Aspen.
2019 –
Blue Gallery at Art New York
2019 –
Iris Eshet Cohen Art Exhibition Blue Gallery
2019 – 
Blue Gallery at Art Wynwood
– Art Palm Beach
2019 – Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary
2019 – Art Wynwood, Miami
2019 – Artexpo New York
2018 – Scope Art Miami Beach
2018 – Art Boca Raton
2018 – Art Wynwood Miami
2018 – Art New York
2018 – Artexpo New York
2017 – Red Dot-Art Spectrum Miami
2017 – Art Expo New York
2016 – Blue Galleries, Florida
2016 – Art Expo New York
2015 – Art Expo New York
2014 – Art Expo New York
2013 – Casa Sefarad, Israel-Madrid, Spain
2013 – Art Time Gallery, Dan Hotel, Israel
2013 – Blue Galleries, Florida, USA
2013 – International Exhibition, Hivernal, Paris, France
2012 – Salon d’Automn International Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2012 – “Free Photoshoper” Production Exhibition Eshet a Meirov, Holon, Israel
2011 – Exhibition At The Amex, Israel
2010 – Gallery Nili Bethlehem of Galilee, Israel
2010 – Gallery Bat Shlomo, Grenades Exhibition, Curator Ilan Segal, Israel
2009 – “He and She”, Amid Gallery, Curator Reli Wasser, Jaffa, Israel
2007 – Gallery Mali’s, Israel
2007 – Minna Gallery Ramat Gan, Israel
2007 – Ceramics Gallery, Israel
2006 – Art Gallery of Rosh Pina, Curator Sigal Shafat, Israel
1998-1989 – Body Painting, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
1995 – Body Painting, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel

Art Studio – Iris Eshet Cohen


3 Ratzif haAliya Hashniya St. Tlv-Jaffa

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