One of a kind art - Happy Bar - by the artist Iris Eshet Cohen

Happy Bar

Happy Bar


One of a kind

Black on White
Extra large painting!
extraordinarily impressive,
Months of precise work,
You can see how the artist works in the studio.
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Product Description:
Thick specialized paint on canvas. The coloring holds a calming effect while keeping the eye fascinated by the intricate details.
Additional information:
A series of black paint on a white canvas The paintings are three dimensional and create a sense of peace and tranquility. The artist recommends to hang several small paintings to form a collage on the wall with the option of combining it with a painting from the White on White series. Available in various sizes. Each piece is one of a kind.
H: 200 CM
L: 300 CM
118.11×78.8 INCH
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The work is handmade so there might be slight changes in dimensions.

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