Blue stones

pebbles in shades of blue!

When I think about what I grasp from the holidays, as always, it is the colors that lead my journey.

Let’s take a deep breath and contemplate on what we acknowledged during the holidays. I’m sure that many of you will think of the their family reunions, vacations and trips.

I would like to share with you a rare vision I experienced during a long stay in Crete, a magical island in Greece, where I have spent a lot of time in recent years, and where I have been fortunate to create art in my Greek studio.

Greece brings endless inspiration.

I enjoy the dominant colors, the intensity of the blue waters, the rock crevices, the green fauna, feeling very close to heaven, foods and its aroma, the lively music in the background, the joy of simplicity! This scenery combined with the ability to create art sum up to a great pleasure!

In the northwest part of Crete, some 30 minutes drive from Chania, lays undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and rare beaches of Crete.

Strips of sea penetrate between the beaches and the hidden rocks of Akrotiri forming small coves. One of them has a hidden – and cursed – beach. Why do they call it cursed or “Devil’s Port”? The location is known as Shitan PortThe word Shitan is Turkish, which remained as a symbol from the old Ottoman Turkish regime in Crete and translates as satanic. So ‘Shaitan Ports’ translates into ’Devil’s Ports’.

Getting down there is not an easy task – neither by car nor by foot (definitely not recommended for travels with toddlers.) However, at the end you arrive at a magical place!

I discovered mysterious rocks, pebbles in shades of blue! The sun shines its rays onto the sea and the sand, and there are hours when everything is painted in light blue colors, the feeling is simply divine! The combination of the goats running lightly between the rocks naturally inspires a dimension of creating art in motion.

Iris Eshet Cohen Gallery

Writer: Iris Eshet Cohen.
Photographs: Iris Eshet Cohen.


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