What do you see in the painting?

About the history and uniqueness of the COLORS OF LIFE painting series

Many art lovers recognize me with the paintings from the Colors of life series – paintings that contain many layers of colored stripes, stripes that are ‘arranged’ horizontally or vertically, with huge amounts of color.
The amounts of color create a three-dimensional texture that attracts viewers to actually touch the painting.
In my paintings it is allowed, and even desirable, to touch.

Anyone who visited the gallery saw the sticker
“PLEASE DO TOUCH” I will also tell you a little secret that many customers ask me to send them the drawing with the sticker, a gimmick for guests at home.


How was the COLORS OF LIFE series born?

Colors have always been a part of me.
I started my personal path as an artist as a body make-up artist. 
When I moved to painting, I was always looking for how to use colors in a special way,
I wanted to produce organized colors.
Combine different colors as the “mess” look in nature
In nature we have all kinds of colors, and they always blend into each other.
It’s enough to look out from the gallery and see sun and sky, sea and sand – and inside the blue and white and yellow and brown hide an endless number of colors.
And everywhere you look in nature there are combinations of colors and they always connect.
My desire was to connect all the colors in the way I see them.
My colorful works began already in the nineties, following a quiet birth I went through.
As part of the healing I began to drip energy of paints on the body till I made it to the canvas.
I tried red energy and blue energy, green energy and yellow energy.
I applied them layer upon layer on the canvas.
When in the background the late mother Dalia the artist did not stop working with endless shades and colors, I came to know that colors have a lot of power.
Little by little this colored energy really helped me heal.
That’s how it started.

The process of working on a painting from the Colors of life series

When I start – I never know what will come out in the end. I start with a white canvas and paint layer upon layer, And each layer has many colors. It looks almost endlessly layered. I can start on a pleasant sunny day, in a good mood, and use certain colors, And continue on a rainy day – and the colors that i chose will look entirely different depending on the light. The layers and stripes are a kind of chaos that has order. lifelike. The layers below affect the layers above and vice versa and optically if you take a little distance from the painting everything appears as one unit.
Each layer of color is a period in our lives, when you touch the colors you feel the layers!
It is so relevant today in our time to feel, to feel every period in life.
A unique experience.
As viewers, we look at this work and become artists ourselves. When they ask me “What did you draw?” I answer “What do you see?” Everyone can ask themselves ‘what am I seeing’ and see something different from the person next to them. Not only to see something different, but also to experience something different. The series is also special because it conveys a different ‘story’ from each side of the picture, Because the drawing is three-dimensional. Unlike most paintings in the world, the experience is not just about viewing, but also of touch. This type of painting really calls out and invites viewers to come and touch them, Touch, feel, experience them in a new way.

invites you to come to the gallery and 'feel' the colors of life.


Writer: Iris Eshet Cohen.
Photographs: Yigal, Iris  Eshet Cohen.


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