Kadinsky and Cezanne in the City of Lights

Kadinsky and Cezanne in the City of Lights

In 2018 when they opened the place, the first exhibition was of Klimt.
Later on, I also got to see Van Gogh’s exhibition.
There is no doubt, every time I visit I am left amazed!

The World Cup celebrations are at their peak! Visitors to Paris in the near future will surely find the street festivities joyful!

So between the victory celebrations, good food and quality wine, visit the most talked about exhibition in Paris and soak up some culture.

In the center of Paris, in the 11th arrondissement not far from the Bastille, in a rather small street, you will find this hidden cultural center gem - l'Atelier des lumières

Some call it a museum and see it as a workshop, nevertheless, the place which was established in 1835 and operated for over 100 years as an iron factory, has become in recent years a truly unique cultural center!
Blog iris eshet cohen - Kadinsky and Cezanne in the City of Lights

The contemporary exhibition in the complex pays great respect to two artists, Cezanne and Kandinsky, who have already exhibited in the past in all the major museums worldwide, but there is no doubt that in this complex the experience is completely different & unique!

When you arrive at the small hidden Parisian street and look around for the Museum of Lights, you may expect to see a new and modern building, but actually the place appearance is very modest. Looks a bit like an old movie theater with its wide entry doors. For a moment, it feels like entering a photo studio. The moment you enter, you feel like you’ve gone through the time tunnel sending one to the previous century. Please note, in photography the crowd becomes part of the urban landscape, horse-drawn carts, changing fashion, the street lamps, in one moment we feel as if we are about to meet the artists of the past strolling in the street..

The works are exhibited in a huge 3300 m2 showground with 10 meters high A walls.

The complex has two floors that give us the illusion that we are actually taking part in the art creation. For a moment it feels that we are walking in a typical street of the beginning of the 19th century, with classical music playing in the background and the paintings changing around us. An inspiring all-senses overload!
The bright colors that the two artists worked with, the intense love for art combined with music on the display, part of which is contemporary, creates a mixing as well as connection between old and modern times which gives us the feeling that past and present merge and everything remains forever! The paintings, the music, and particularly the excitement!

Of course, each of these amazing artists deserve a separate post, so just briefly, a few words about each of them:

Paul Cezanne
Cezanne, 1839-1906, born in France.
Cézanne Paul

The great father of modern art which flourished in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

 – “The completely blue scent of the pine trees, which is pungent in the sunlight, should be married with the green scent of the prairie that refreshes itself every morning, with the scent of the rocks, with its’ distant perfume”
…I approach with the same drive, the same faith, everything that scatters…everything we see, aka it scatters, disappears. Nature always remains the same. Revealed art should give us the taste of eternity…”

Blog iris eshet cohen - Kadinsky and Cezanne in the City of Lights

Wassily Kandinsky 1866 – 1944
Василий Васильевич Кандинский

A Russian painter and an art theorist. Considered one of the most famous painters of the 20th century and a pioneer in abstract painting. Studied in Germany. When the Nazis came to power he fled Germany and settled in France, where he lived and created until his death in 1944

“Color is the keyboard [of the piano], the eyes are the hammer [which hits the piano strings], the soul is the piano and its strings”
Blog iris eshet cohen - Kadinsky and Cezanne in the City of Lights

So those who are visiting Paris soon are highly recommended not to miss the exhibition which is a pleasant experience for the entire family.

Inspired by the amazing colors of our masters, I would love to update you with new works that have arrived in my gallery.

What’s new with my customers?

Writer: Iris Eshet Cohen.
Photographs: Iris Eshet Cohen.


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