Wartime art

In wartime we all feel recruited.

I see everyone around me doing extraordinary things – it is genuinely outstanding!

At the beginning of the war our effort focused on filling boxes with canned goods, blankets, underwear, chargers, cell phones, sending craft materials for the evacuees, help in arranging apartments for them and any other basic things for the soldiers and the evacuees.

In the last few weeks, I feel that everyone went back to the areas where they excel, so off course I found myself in my studio, working on a piece that was very difficult at the beginning and adjusted its character with the latest news.
The artists are divided into those who immediately work in the performances, creations compared to those who need to take a little time. There are the artists who need things to sink in a little, feel what is happening around them, the reality seeps into the body, breathing, mind and then everything bursts out in the creation.

Black on black “iron scars” my first work after the damned October 7th

After taking a deep breath, I began to think one step ahead to try to bring more optimistic vibes, that would be good for the evacuees, the soldiers, the abductees who returned, the families of the abductees, and I began to create mosaic works of different sizes with different blessings in combination with shells from the sea, the sea which is a source of strength for many of us!

Hopefully we will soon post “my blessing” works hanging in the kibbutz’ that will be rebuilt.

The gallery in Jaffa has been closed since the beginning of the war and these days it is partially open. When I am in the gallery in the port of Jaffa I mostly hand out gifts to visitors which gives everyone a lot of happiness. (you are all warmly invited) Those who are less comfortable coming to the port of Jaffa and prefer to come to the north of Tel Aviv are welcome to come and visit me in my studio where I craft my creations (by appointment only). I have to exceptionally mention the many artist friends who, from the beginning of the war, created amazing crafts and artistries in the “Kidnapper’s Square” in Tel Aviv!
The kind of art presented is raising awareness and illustrates our reality. It is hard to believe what terrible circumstances we face from which our art is born.

All the best to you dear artists!

I hope that in the next post all the abductees and soldiers will be safely back at home and we will be able to breathe again! 
Amen אמן

Iris Eshet Cohen Gallery

Writer: Iris Eshet Cohen.
Photographs: Iris Eshet Cohen.


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