Art is part of our life, wherever we go and look we are surrounded by different forms of art. Some of us experience art as creators and some of us experience art as viewers.
In the past art was defined according to various painting styles and different eras in history such as impressionism, modernism, etc.

In the beginning of the 20th century abstract painting came to rise following the invention of the camera that partially replaced the role of realist art.

Painting of  The great Abstract artist

This shift inspired artists such as Kandinsky, who was at the forefront of the movement, to step outside the box and to create art without rules. Artists began to choose colors, various textures and forms they felt were right to work with rather than what is seen in reality.
The value of the artist’s feelings took a central role in the painting.

Inspiration always came from nature but the translation of it into art shifted direction.

Abstract art gives room for the viewers imagination.

So what makes art from all of the movements so interesting?

So after all the great things that art does to us, what we are left with is to choose the art that does good to the soul.

Iris Eshet Cohen Gallery

Writer: Iris Eshet Cohen.
Photographs: Yigal, Iris Eshet Cohen.


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